The Campaign for Economic Expansion


American Rescue Plan Act Request

This Plan works to address all of the key areas that provide solutions and fill in the gaps left by other programming and lack of access to city and state funds. The State of Ohio Collective recently held its signature event, TheState of Black Ohio, where multidisciplinary leaders came together to foster an environment that approaches these issues with compassion, love, and care, while opening up a lane to address concerns. This Plan is the solution to helping with the needs of Ohio’s Black residents in a way that is better received by our communities.

Many black businesses have not recovered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Build Better plan focuses on how these businesses can gain access to stimulus dollars for those who have been historically under represented, under resourced, and do not have access to these resources.

The State of Ohio Collective Core Team Members engaged black businesses in dialogue and solutions statewide around their specific needs. These strategic solutions should be implemented with full funding to ensure the black business ecosystem gains capacity, remains sustainable, and help underrepresented and underfunded organizations obtain economic opportunity and prosperity.

Statistics for The Build Better Plan

Over 3,000 businesses touched

Over 280 businesses in the plan

Over 1,000 organizations and individuals provided technical assistance